th9 witch bowler combo

Th9 witch bowlers combo attack strategy

The attack strategy is basically useful in the bases with centralised air defences. If the air defence is in outside compartments then the base can't be 3star with is attacking strategy.

Clash of Clans witch bowler combo attack strategy

The theory behind this attack strategy is Bowlers and Heroes along with witches are the kill squad. These troops will break major defences like x-bows and air defence with few other structures and make the base easy for the the witches who are healed continuously by the healer.

Minimum troops & spells levels requirements to get success in this th9 attack strategy

  • Witch lev 2
  • Jump spell lev 2
  • Golem lev 3
  • Poison spell lev 2
  • Wizard lev 6
  • Healing spell lev 5
  • Rage spell lev 5
  • Archer lev 5

Barbarian King and Archer Queen must be more than lev 12

In this th9 war attack strategy player need troops combo of

  • 10 Witch
  • 1 Golem
  • 3 Wizard
  • 4 Healer
  • 2 Archer

And spells combo of

  • 2 Jump spells-1
  • Healing spell-1
  • Rage spell
  • 1 Poison

In Clan castle- 6 Bowlers(Max level) and 1 Poison spell

How to Correctly Release Troops to 3star any th9 base

In this strategy at first you have to release 5 witches along with healer in two same sided corner of the village.

witch and healer

And then let them create the funnel then. After that release the golem on the side on which the funnel had been created. Deploy rest of the troops behind it you can my keep 1 wizard backup of final clean up but you must need to release 2wizards. In case while killing the clan castle troops you need some backup for queen.

golem to defend

Use poison on clan castle troops. Then use rage spell and healing spell(if needed) on queen and bowlers and this kill sqard will destroy the air defences ,x bows and some of the major defence. And that gives a chance to the witches to clean up the entire base.

base clearing

Final two archers can be used for any other structures left in the corner


1.Time is very essential factor for this attack so release the troops in perfect timing.

2.There are no Wall Breakers in this attack so be careful with Jump spells

3.Last 2 archers are only for corner cleanup if there are no corner structures then try to use from out of the range of the defences