Th8 drag attack strategy

Ultimate Drag attack strategy for th8

Clash of clans community discovered thousands of interesting and effective attack strategies including drag attack strategy. Drag attack normally starts at th7 and lasts till th9(I saw to use them even in th10).

The combination of each townhall would be different. Here we are experimenting with a th8 base. It's not to say it's as popular as effective in th8.

Troops for a successful drag attack

  • Dragons-10/9(Player differ)
  • Balloon-0/4 Max or lvl 6 loons in castle
  • Lightning spell-2
  • Rage spell-1
  • Eq spell-1
  • Poison/haste-1 in castle
  • If you are taking 9 drags. Make sure to take 4 loons. How many drags you have to choose depend on the base you're going to attack.
    First Step:

    You don't have to clear clan castle troops in drag attack. However be careful to drop the poison. Anyhow drop 2 lightning spell and 1 eq spell on any air defence and it will destroy the air defence.

    th8 drag attack reply 1 Second Step:

    Now release all drags on a line from the closest side of air defence. Once they are ready to taking damage deploy your loons(if you have) and cc loons from the same side. Use rage & haste correctly on loons and drags. This is the most important part of drag attack strategy. So make sure to do it as i mentioned.

    th8 drag attack reply 1 Last Step:

    Almost done! now wait and watch if they able to take most of the base

    th8 drag attack reply 1
    Final words

    Now if everything goes on way you will get 3 start else most of the base will get destroyed. Both are profitable so there is no harm to try it in th8 rather than gowipe or such attacks. Drags attack differ in different town halls make sure to modify according to your need.