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Th9 Lavaloon attack strategy tactics

When it's talked about attack strategies lavaloon is what cames in th9 players. It is simple but pretty effective on most of the bases.
As it is one of the popular attack in th9. Even once i had searched for lavaloon attack strategy though I can't able to gain enough. If you want to learn then learn it in your own way.

Get started on lavaloon

Well, the strategy canes in such way. If you are a beginner you might find this very simple as experienced player.

Lavaloon attack strategy basics

New to th9 no problem!. Let's start from beginning. That how we can understand the hole process.
Naturally there are three steps to do a lavaloon attack.
  1. Lavas will trigger all the traps and will make defense to focus on them.
  2. While lavas are hitting by defence. The loon will break all the defences.
  3. And at last minions and lava pups and minions will clear the hole base.
Hope you understood the basic of lavaloon attack strategy.

Troops & Spells combo for lavaloon attack

  • Lava-2
  • Ballon-24
  • Minion-18
  • Rage-4
  • Haste-1
However you might change the combo by making some little changes.
Send all lava hound you have. They will shock most of the damage as they have a high hitpoint.
Don't be lazy. Once lavas are targeted by air defence. Release all the ballons immediately.
Now it's time for you basic conception. You have to use the Spells according to the requirement.

Once 3/5 base base is cleared. Deploy all the minions.
And that's it.....
It is not so hard you might think.
But wait it's not the end..

Things to remember while using lavaloon attack strategy

Now it's time for some cons of lavaloon attack strategy. Not actually cons it's something that depends on you. Anyways , you must be fast either misuse of 1sec can result 1 star which is a bad dream to flashers. Lavas will target the closest air defence. And loon will nearest defence. As a result in some cases lavaloon attack strategy not gonna so useful.
Another big problem is the placement of wizard towers they can damage loons in area splash. In lavaloon lava have to trigger the traps if he can't then it is really hard to won such matches.

Advance lavaloon attack strategy tips

Here are few tips you might follow . Try this cool tips and you can 3 star in any base with lavaloon. Though this are not applicable for all bases depends on air defence position.
Some player designed there base where air defence placed inside a wall. And that can be easily broken with queen walk.
  • Destroy as much air defence as you can. The more you break there will be a less chances to loss the attack.
  • Don't let you minions be spread.
  • Queen can deal high damage to the loons.
  • Try to avoid air bombs if not triggered by lava.
Final words
This is the strategy I used when I was in th9. Don't use this lavaloon attack strategy in war if you are not experienced with it. It costs too much resources that's why I would recommend to use this LaLoon strategy when you got enough resources. Anyways let me know your experience trough the comments.

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