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Clash of Clans API – Basics Part 1 | API Tutorial

I am sure you love Clash of Clans because you are reading this post and wish to know more about COC API. Few years back Supercell launched Clash of Clans API for public use. Clash of Clans API gives so much information about Clans and Clan Wars however in the next version we can expect individual clasher details too. After which Clash of Clans API will become truly helpful in getting insight into Clan data.

Clash of Clans API tutorial part 1

Target Audience

Non-technical Clash of Clans clashers who want to use API to get insight into their Clan using available historical data.

Technology Used in API

  1. WordPress as platform

  2. PHP as programming language

  3. MySQL as Database

What is Clash of Clans API?

COC API can be considered as a medium to access clash of clans data in secure manner.

What all information is available in Clash of Clans API?

In VERSION v1, following information is available:

  • Clans: Search for Clans using Clan Tag, Name, Clan Level, Clan Points, Clan Members etc. You can also search for any specific Clan War Log which will show last 50 War details if not set hidden by Clan Leader.

  • Locations: Search for Clans using location, Location based Top Clans and Top Players etc.

  • Leagues: Search for Clans in different Leagues.

How to access Clash of Clans API ?

Create Account: First visit Clash of Clans developer website and Register on the website.

Once you have username/password login into the developer portal.

Now go to My Account.

You need authorization key in order to fetch data via API. So create a new key.

Now give some Name and Description to identify Key. Next mention at least 1 IP Address from which you will access API. How to find your ip ? If you want to find your local desktop public ip address then click here. If you wish to check IP of your shared host then create a simple PHP file with just one echo command in it.
<?php echo file_get_contents(“”); ?>

Put the file at webhost root location and call the php page in browser ( This will echo your shared host outbound IP address. Use this IP address to generate TOKEN.
Once you create key your settings are complete on coc api development portal. Next step is to use the TOKEN created in key to be used in web page in order to access data via api. Keep the token secure and do not share it with anyone. To enhance the security the Token will work only with the IP address you have mentioned during key creation. If you do not have static ip then you have to create new key every time the IP address changes.
  1. Register & Login into COC API portal

  2. Create new key and mention the IP Address

  3. Keep the generated TOKEN handy for future use
In the Clash Of Clans Api Basics part-2 tutorial we will see how to fetch data via API. We will be using WordPress as platform so PHP will be the language. You can use other programming language too however in the examples we will use PHP.

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