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Play PUBG on low end 1gb ram android device

PUBG is getting popular day by day due to the unbeatable gaming experience. High quality graphics also makes differ than other games in same field. In other hand PUBG recommend and mainly made & focused to high end devices. Minimum recommendation of PUBG is 2gb ram for smooth gaming experience. But still there some who have a older 1gb low end android device. We will talk about the solution after few lines.
Play PUBG on 1gb ram devices It's not impossible to play PUBG on low end devices. But you will experience more than you might expect. As of every update the game size & device recommendation is increasing over. So it is not a bad idea if your phone is lagging a little. PUBG gfx tool PUBG gfx tool is a tool that helps to optimize the graphics of PUBG on low end 1gb ram devices. It covers all graphics related issues and optimize accounting to your devices. Key features of gfx tool are 1080 resolutionHDR graphicsSafe modeSave layout & sensitivityMore..Free version and …

Clash of Clans th5 balloon attack strategy

Balloon attack strategy is one of the most effective and risky in lower level town hall. On other hand to score best in war risks can be taken. It would much effective than simple gain at wiz or other attacks in th5 or lower level.
If you are a new th5 and want to use Balloon attack for loot then i recommend you not to use loons for looting resources because balloon costs so high. But you can use loons if you have enough elixir. I recommend you to use loon attack only in war.
Balloon attack strategy th5 for war Now lets move through our guide. But wait.. Before starting take a look on the list below to see if you are eligible for th5 balloon attack strategy.
Strategy eligibility listBalloon level must be at lvl2.
Player must contain a spell.
Minimum 140 army camp space needed.
Archers must be at lvl3.
Clan castle must be upgraded to lvl2.
If you have the all ingredients mentioned above. You can move forward to the coc balloon attack strategy th5.
Troops that need to be cooked for our coc…

Top 5 Bh5 Base Layout | Coc Bh5 Defence Base

Most of the clash of clans player are in builder hall 5. And that's why I am going to share "Top 5 bh5 base layout that I used to play". You will also find the strategy of those bases.

Designing a builder base layout is as important as aggressive attacking. You must choose a well designed layout to use in your builder hall. Most of the players unable to increase their trophies because they lost attacks. And the 50% credit of this loss goes to your builder hall base layout.
Top 5 bh5 base layout Anti 2/3 star bh5 base layout If you want to protect your builder hall you might like this bh5 base layout. The surrounding defences will cover the builder hall . This powered strategy will prevent attackers to 2 or 3 star on you base. But keep in mind it is pretty easy to gain 1 star with archers. So besides of using this layout you must be a good.attacker also.
Builder Hall 5 Defence Base As you can see in the image this builder hall base is not so easy to full star. But as man…

Clash of Clans Private Server 2018

Few week ago i had posted on clash royale private server. Where i might promised to write a article on clash of clans private server 2018. So today i comes with a tutorial by which you can get unlimited gems/resources for free.
A Private Server is a modified game that use a different server. How does Clash of Clans private server work?As i had mentioned in my previous post Clash of clans private server is nothing but a modifed clash of clans version that was modified to connect to developers server instead of supercell server and thats how you can get unlimited free gems and resources.
How to set up a clash of clans private server Well, it is pretty easy to set up an clash of clans private server. But before starting we should know the pro and cons of this game...
Features of this serverFree to useUnlimited gemsUnlimited resourcesSmooth gaming experence Aside from this there are few restrictions of this server
Limited user acceptedSometimes server might not respobdThey might bad you a…

Th9 Lavaloon attack strategy tactics

When it's talked about attack strategies lavaloon is what cames in th9 players. It is simple but pretty effective on most of the bases.
As it is one of the popular attack in th9. Even once i had searched for lavaloon attack strategy though I can't able to gain enough. If you want to learn then learn it in your own way.
Get started on lavaloon Well, the strategy canes in such way. If you are a beginner you might find this very simple as experienced player. Lavaloon attack strategy basics New to th9 no problem!. Let's start from beginning. That how we can understand the hole process.
Naturally there are three steps to do a lavaloon attack.
Lavas will trigger all the traps and will make defense to focus on them.While lavas are hitting by defence. The loon will break all the defences.And at last minions and lava pups and minions will clear the hole base. Hope you understood the basic of lavaloon attack strategy.
Troops & Spells combo for lavaloon attackLava-2Ballon-24Minio…

Clash Royale Private Server 2018 | Unlimited free Gems

Have you ever listened about private server(For free gems and recourses) like Clash Royale private server or clash of clans private server. If you then just scroll down to the download link but if you don't then keep Reding.
How to set up a clash royale private server for android and Ios to get free gems unlimited Almost every clash royale or clash of clans players search for free gems but let me honest none of them works. Sometimes they ask you for your email and password have you ever questioned yourself- "if they can hack supercell then they can add it just by asking your username.
Is it possible to get free gems in clash royale? Above all why are they providing their hard work for free?? . Some of us might say 'there was an free gems generator tool' for them i would like to say 'ok! So where is your gems?' Lol isn't funny.

Well lets back to our main article So if you are searching for free gems then a Clash Royale private server is right choice for yo…

Clash of Clans API – Basics- Part 3 | Api Tutorial

In the last 2 posts we read about "How to generate access key for Clash of Clans API" and "How to fetch and display API data on a web page". In this post we will see how to save the data into a MYSQL table for persistent storage. First step is to create a Table in MYSQL database. Since in our example we are using WordPress, we will create new table in WordPress database itself. If you wish you can make another database and also new user for better security purpose.
Clash of clans Api Basics Part-3 How to save the data into a MYSQL table for persistent storage.Step 1: Login into cpanel first and click on phpMyAdmin in Databases section.
Step 2: Create a TABLE in the same wordpress database. Below is the CREATE TABLE command:
CREATE TABLE tbl_leagues (
leagues_id char(8) NOT NULL,
leagues_name varchar(50) NOT NULL,
leagues_icon_sml varchar(500) DEFAULT NULL,
leagues_icon_tny varchar(500) DEFAULT NULL,
leagues_icon_mdm varchar(500) DEFAULT NULL,
leagues_upd_dt timestamp NOT…

Clash of Clans API – Basics Part 1 | API Tutorial

I am sure you love Clash of Clans because you are reading this post and wish to know more about COC API. Few years back Supercell launched Clash of Clans API for public use. Clash of Clans API gives so much information about Clans and Clan Wars however in the next version we can expect individual clasher details too. After which Clash of Clans API will become truly helpful in getting insight into Clan data.
Clash of Clans API tutorial part 1 Target Audience Non-technical Clash of Clans clashers who want to use API to get insight into their Clan using available historical data.
Technology Used in APIWordPress as platform
PHP as programming language
MySQL as Database What is Clash of Clans API? COC API can be considered as a medium to access clash of clans data in secure manner.
What all information is available in Clash of Clans API? In VERSION v1, following information is available:

Clans: Search for Clans using Clan Tag, Name, Clan Level, Clan Points, Clan Members etc. You can also sea…

Clash of Clans Api – Basics Part 2 | Api Tutorial

Before you read this post I will strongly suggest that you go through CLASH OF CLANS API tutorial Part 1. if you haven’t read it yet. In this post we will see how to use TOKEN generated in part-1 to show Clash of Clans API data into a page in WordPress.
Clash of Clans Api Basics part 2 We will fetch Clash of Clans league data via api and will display it in a wordpress page. Let’s check how the Leagues Data via API looks like:
Clash of clans api documation Login into called Clash of Clans API development portal.

Click on Documentation link at top now.

Now select Leagues option.

Scroll down and Click on “Try it out!” button. You can see the data in json format.The League API data consists of primarily 3 key-value pairs namely:
id: It is unique number assigned to each League in Clash of Clans. This id will help in identifying League properly.
name: It is name assigned to each League in Clash of Clans.
iconUrls: It is absolute path to the League images. Th…

Clash of Clans API Tutorial – Clan Details

Today we will learn how to accept CLAN NAME as input from user and show CLAN Details on a webpage. Before we proceed you should know How to generate access key for Clash of Clans API and How to fetch and display API data on a web page. If you have not read previous posts I will strongly recommend you to take 5 mins and go through those posts. Alright lets build a new page which will accept Clan Name from user and will display relevant information.
How to show a clan search form in a webpage
Step 1: Build a new page with the same template as we have used for Leagues API demo (can be found at last of this post). Just Copy that page and do some modifications in the code. First thing we need a Search Form in which a user can mention CLAN Name and other details. To keep it simple we will just search for clan name and list down all the clans with that name. Create a page in WordPress and give it any name say “ClanSearch”. Now in your template page add below code:
Clan Search:<input type=…

How to get epic cards in Clash Royale

Epic cards are as effective as tagged premium card. Getting a epic card in clash Royals wasn't so easy as it is now with upgraded layout. Here goes few tips to increase your epic card collection.
Useful tips for collecting epic cards Here two types you can get some epic card.
Premium method to get an epic card Premium method is pretty easy just got to the store tab in clash royale and buy some resources and buy your favorite epic card.
Free method to get an epic card If you wanna work hard and want to enjoy the game properly. It's recommended to follow free method. There are various way to earn some epic cards. Here some are ...
Free and Crown chest Complete goals and get access to crown chest for free each day with a free chest. Open them and try your luck for an epic card.
Fight your own Fight with opposition and earn a little reward to buy your favorite card. The higher arena you goes the reward would bigger. If you are eligible try to fight in tournament. Also don…

Clash of Clans Lavaloonion Attack Strategy for Th9 2018

Clash of Clans Lavaloonion Attack Strategy for Th9 is one of the simplest attacks in Clash of Clans. Let’s learn all concerning Lavaloon and the strategy and gameplay needed to do a 3 star with LavaLoonion at TH9 in Clash of Clans!
Best Clash of Clans Lavaloonion Attack Strategy for th9 Player need troops according to their requirement they can take as much lava as they needed even similar rule goes for the balloons, You can either take a much amount of loons or you might take a little. Its depends on base you are going to attack.
Minions can even be used to clean up the base though some lava pups might left minions helps them to clean up.
As for spells, you should use haste or rage spells for lavaloonion th9 attack strategy. Which help the balloons to send them in quickly onto defenses. A healing spell or freeze spell should not be used for the th9 LavaLoonion attack strategy.
You ought to have a poison spell in your lavaloonion army, either you'll be able to kill/slow CC troops…

Th9 witch bowler combo attack strategy

This attack strategy is basically useful in the bases with centralised air defences. If the air defence is in outside compartments then the strategy might not as effective with is attacking strategy.
Begain with witch with bowler Here the strategy goes in such way : Golem, Bowlers and Heroes along with wizards are the kill squad. These troops will break major defences like x-bows and air defence with few other structures and make the base easy for the the witches who are healed continuously by the healer. Minimum troops & spells levels requirements to get success in this th9 attack strategyWitch lev 2Jump spell lev 2Golem lev 3Poison spell lev 2Wizard lev 6Healing spell lev 5Rage spell lev 5Archer lev 5Barbarian King and Archer Queen must be more than lev 12 In this th9 war attack strategy player need troops combo of
10 Witch1 Golem3 Wizard4 Healer2 Archer And spells combo of
2 Jump spells-1Healing spell-1Rage spell1 PoisonIn Clan castle- 6 Bowlers(Max level) and 1 Poison spell

Drag attack strategy for th8 ultimate guide

Clash of clans community discovered thousands of interesting and effective attack strategies including drag attack strategy. Drag attack normally starts at th7 and lasts till th9(I saw to use them even in th10).
The combination of each townhall would be different. Here we are experimenting with a th8 base. It's not to say it's as popular as effective in th8.
Troops for a successful drag attack
Dragons-10/9(Player differ)Balloon-0/4 Max or lvl 6 loons in castleLightning spell-2Rage spell-1Eq spell-1Poison/haste-1 in castle
If you are taking 9 drags. Make sure to take 4 loons. How many drags you have to choose depend on the base you're going to attack.First Step:
You don't have to clear clan castle troops in drag attack. However be careful to drop the poison. Anyhow drop 2 lightning spell and 1 eq spell on any air defence and it will destroy the air defence.
Second Step:
Now release all drags on a line from the closest side of air defence. Once they are ready to taking da…