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Top 5 Bh5 Base Layout | Coc Bh5 Defence Base

Most of the clash of clans player are in builder hall 5. And that's why I am going to share "Top 5 bh5 base layout that I used to play". You will also find the strategy of those bases.

Designing a builder base layout is as important as aggressive attacking. You must choose a well designed layout to use in your builder hall. Most of the players unable to increase their trophies because they lost attacks. And the 50% credit of this loss goes to your builder hall base layout.
Top 5 bh5 base layout Anti 2/3 star bh5 base layout If you want to protect your builder hall you might like this bh5 base layout. The surrounding defences will cover the builder hall . This powered strategy will prevent attackers to 2 or 3 star on you base. But keep in mind it is pretty easy to gain 1 star with archers. So besides of using this layout you must be a good.attacker also.
Builder Hall 5 Defence Base As you can see in the image this builder hall base is not so easy to full star. But as man…
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Clash of Clans Private Server 2018

Few week ago i had posted on clash royale private server. Where i might promised to write a article on clash of clans private server 2018. So today i comes with a tutorial by which you can get unlimited gems/resources for free.
A Private Server is a modified game that use a different server. How does Clash of Clans private server work?As i had mentioned in my previous post Clash of clans private server is nothing but a modifed clash of clans version that was modified to connect to developers server instead of supercell server and thats how you can get unlimited free gems and resources.
How to set up a clash of clans private server Well, it is pretty easy to set up an clash of clans private server. But before starting we should know the pro and cons of this game...
Features of this serverFree to useUnlimited gemsUnlimited resourcesSmooth gaming experence Aside from this there are few restrictions of this server
Limited user acceptedSometimes server might not respobdThey might bad you a…

Th9 Lavaloon attack strategy tactics

When it's talked about attack strategies lavaloon is what cames in th9 players. It is simple but pretty effective on most of the bases.
As it is one of the popular attack in th9. Even once i had searched for lavaloon attack strategy though I can't able to gain enough. If you want to learn then learn it in your own way.
Get started on lavaloon Well, the strategy canes in such way. If you are a beginner you might find this very simple as experienced player. Lavaloon attack strategy basics New to th9 no problem!. Let's start from beginning. That how we can understand the hole process.
Naturally there are three steps to do a lavaloon attack.
Lavas will trigger all the traps and will make defense to focus on them.While lavas are hitting by defence. The loon will break all the defences.And at last minions and lava pups and minions will clear the hole base. Hope you understood the basic of lavaloon attack strategy.
Troops & Spells combo for lavaloon attackLava-2Ballon-24Minio…

Clash Royale Private Server 2018 | Unlimited free Gems

Have you ever listened about private server(For free gems and recourses) like Clash Royale private server or clash of clans private server. If you then just scroll down to the download link but if you don't then keep Reding.
How to set up a clash royale private server for android and Ios to get free gems unlimited Almost every clash royale or clash of clans players search for free gems but let me honest none of them works. Sometimes they ask you for your email and password have you ever questioned yourself- "if they can hack supercell then they can add it just by asking your username.
Is it possible to get free gems in clash royale? Above all why are they providing their hard work for free?? . Some of us might say 'there was an free gems generator tool' for them i would like to say 'ok! So where is your gems?' Lol isn't funny.

Well lets back to our main article So if you are searching for free gems then a Clash Royale private server is right choice for yo…

Clash of Clans API – Basics- Part 3 | Api Tutorial

In the last 2 posts we read about "How to generate access key for Clash of Clans API" and "How to fetch and display API data on a web page". In this post we will see how to save the data into a MYSQL table for persistent storage. First step is to create a Table in MYSQL database. Since in our example we are using WordPress, we will create new table in WordPress database itself. If you wish you can make another database and also new user for better security purpose.
Clash of clans Api Basics Part-3 How to save the data into a MYSQL table for persistent storage.Step 1: Login into cpanel first and click on phpMyAdmin in Databases section.
Step 2: Create a TABLE in the same wordpress database. Below is the CREATE TABLE command:
CREATE TABLE tbl_leagues (
leagues_id char(8) NOT NULL,
leagues_name varchar(50) NOT NULL,
leagues_icon_sml varchar(500) DEFAULT NULL,
leagues_icon_tny varchar(500) DEFAULT NULL,
leagues_icon_mdm varchar(500) DEFAULT NULL,
leagues_upd_dt timestamp NOT…